Caring For Clothes – The International Guide

Caring For Clothes – The International Guide By: Garry Knox

The back story of this Technical Handbook goes back about over 10 years. The Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) has published a couple editions and has been working in partnership with GreenEarth® to produce the definitive international guide.

Caring For Clothes from the start of a garment’s life in the design stages, through to many years after it’s sold, is one of the most important impacts on a garment manufacturer’s life and indeed the consumer. What happens in the testing process and what is placed on the label can have many ramifications for the retailer, the dry cleaners and the consumer, with the consumers sometimes waiting for matters to be resolved, holding onto a garment that has been damaged.

This technical handbook is now available for retailers, manufacturers and dry cleaners to buy on the GreenEarth website.

Caring For Clothes covers everything from Care labelling systems to Cleaning and from Garment Assessments and Sustainability. You can view the full contents pages on our website.

GreenEarth® would like to thank the ASBCI, and in particular Malcolm Ball, for their assistance in getting the handbook published.