Secure and Environment Friendly Cleaning in Mokena

Maximized Sustainability – End To End

Maximized Sustainability – End To End By: Ron Benjamin In most cases, the measure of sustainability is straightforward and addresses one step in an overall process. For example, in the dry cleaning business, people often consider the solvent in which the garments are washed as a key determination as to whether or not this step […]

Green Heating Sees Red

Green Heating Sees Red By: Garry Knox The right kind of heating today is a global issue with many impacts. Not just in terms of its efficiency from an environmental point of view but as prices rise, a cost perspective too. Lots of new ways to provide energy have been seen in the last decade […]

The GreenEarth Platform of Responsible Sustainability

The GreenEarth Platform of Responsible Sustainability By Joe Blaha The advantages of a chemical solvent over water based methods of cleaning textiles were discovered in the 1800’s when the realization that stains that would not come out in water would come out in turpentine.  Dry cleaning (cleaning without water ) was born and from there […]

It’s Classic Cleaners again

  It’s Classic Cleaners again Out of the business for the past eight years but with more than 20 years of experience in dry cleaning, Janice C. Gray relaunched Classic Cleaners on Northside Drive East near Walgreens in March. “It’s been really interesting. I’ve had some of my old customers come back,” she said. “This […]

Sustainable Living – More Than Just Recycling

Sustainable Living – More Than Just Recycling By: Aaron Newport Sustainable living consists of more than just recycling and it is a warm feeling to see so many businesses in nearly every industry taking positive strides toward a sustainable planet for future generations. Of course our focus is typically the dry cleaning industry and fashion […]

Global Names Sign Up To Circular Fashion System

Global Names Sign Up To Circular Fashion System By: Garry Knox Global brands including H&M, Adidas and Marks & Spencer have signed up to a The Call to Action for a Circular Fashion System at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit presented by Global Fashion Agenda, the summit organisers. Earlier in the week, ahead of the […]

Summer Sustainability

Summer sustainability! In dry cleaning? By: Ron Benjamin What’s the best way to take care of your summer wardrobe while at the same time taking care of the planet? And to enjoy extra time this summer? In the minds of many consumers who care about doing the right thing for their linen, silk, cotton, poly, […]

Clean Without Compromise

Clean Without Compromise By: Joe Blaha GreenEarth Cleaning is a true pioneer in enabling the dry cleaning industry to move away from the stigma, costs and health concerns which have resulted from its previous history of having to rely on solvents from the petrochemical family. For over twenty years, the industry has responded by moving […]

Sustainable Fashion – Shopping Small Has Green Advantages

The path to a more sustainable fashion industry is forked; what the consumer can do in making more conscious purchasing decisions must converge with an industry that is determined to make these decisions easier and more readily available. No matter what we’re told, by and large the fashion industry is not ahead of the curve […]

Caring For Clothes – The International Guide

Caring For Clothes – The International Guide By: Garry Knox The back story of this Technical Handbook goes back about over 10 years. The Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) has published a couple editions and has been working in partnership with GreenEarth® to produce the definitive international guide. Caring For Clothes […]