Sustainable Living – More Than Just Recycling

Sustainable Living – More Than Just Recycling By: Aaron Newport

Sustainable living consists of more than just recycling and it is a warm feeling to see so many businesses in nearly every industry taking positive strides toward a sustainable planet for future generations. Of course our focus is typically the dry cleaning industry and fashion industry, as those are the industries’ carbon footprints that GreenEarth Cleaning is dedicated to minimizing. However, sometimes the work of another organizations stands out as going above and beyond the call to action from corporate responsibility. Leesa is a company whose mission is one GreenEarth Cleaning is excited to share and happy to stand beside.

Leesa is a mattress company, but they are doing much more than selling an innovative mattress. What grabbed our attention was their contribution, which they deliver 3-fold. Their 3-part contribution consists of donating one mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 mattresses they sell, planting one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation for every mattress they sell, and donating their time and resources to support causes they believe in. Those are all values we can get behind.

GreenEarth Cleaning shares the ideals and values of Leesa. And we are happy to support their cause. Check out their awesome mattresses here!